Mr Chan Weng Yan, James

James, 29 years old, is an exceptional Irish traditional musician with autism. As a flutist, he has been using his talent to give back to society and spread the message of inclusion by performing at events such as the True Colours Festival.

He is nominated by Asia-Europe Foundation where he works, and Mr Edward Lim Xun Qian.

Adelyn is a 19-year-old singer who was born with a rare eye disorder. Undeterred by her visual impairment,she continues to develop her talent and passion for singing. She has been performing since 2010 and is an active advocate for the visually impaired.

She is nominated by ITE College East.

Peter, 25 years old, is a Technology for Good advocate with hearing impairment. Not only is he dedicated to creating a more inclusive workspace for persons with disabilities, he also looks to encourage his able-bodied peers to achieve their goals.

He is nominated by Professor David Lee Kuo Chuen and Mr Tham Yun Zhi.

Samuel is a 21-year-old piano and guzheng hobbyist who has an acquired disability due to extensive acid burns. Highly committed to helping the less fortunate and promoting social inclusivity, he has been performing regularly at multiple charity events.

He is nominated by Club Rainbow (Singapore).

Zui Young, 29 years old, is a Technology for Good advocate who was born with high astigmatism. He has been instrumental in promoting an inclusive hiring process at the Government Technology Agency where he works at and also advocates for workplace inclusivity by speaking engagements.

He is nominated by Government Technology Agency.

Nurul, 35 years old, is a two-time Paralympian Boccia athlete and an accredited tax specialist with spinal muscular atrophy. She serves as a mentor to promising Boccia athletes from the Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore) and is actively involved in the para sports movement internationally.

She is nominated by Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore).

Ivan is a 35-year-old Taekwondo and Kummooyeh Coach with hearing impairment. He has participated in multiple national championships and also represented Singapore in the Deaflympics. He has been inspiring the next generation of martial arts practitioners since 2008.

He is nominated by Han Academy Pte Ltd.

Alister, 26 years old, was born with Cerebral Palsy and shares his personal story to champion for inclusivity for persons with disabilities. He volunteers actively in Singapore, and not bound by geographical limitations, has also travelled to Australia, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam on more than 30 mission trips and community outreach programmes.

He is nominated by Ms Priscilla Gan and Ms Ong Shui Xian.

Danial, also known by his stage name Wheelsmith, is a 26-year-old rapper, music producer, actor and national wheelchair rugby player. Having been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at the age of four, he is passionate about changing people’s attitudes towards disability and was part of the National Day Parade’s first-ever segment devoted to hip-hop music in 2019.

He is nominated by Access Path Productions.

Megan is a 14-year-old dancer with Down syndrome and is the first and only dancer enrolled into the Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) Fusion Dance Enrichment Programme before the age of 18. It was no surprise when she was selected to join the Special Olympics Singapore Dancesport team and is currently preparing for the Special Olympics Dance Sports Event.

She is nominated by Down Syndrome Association (Singapore).


狮城有约 | 十分访谈:疫情下的慈善活动

20/07/20201 播出 防疫措施随着疫情变动,残障人士和他们的看护者不得不随时对照护安排做调整。而慈善组织在这段期间难以举办大型活动,也让筹款面对一定困难。 《十分访谈》请到两位肌肉萎缩患者和新加坡协助残障者自立局的通讯与社区促进部署长和我们聊一聊,冠病疫情为残障人士的生活带来哪些挑战。有意提供协助的公众也可以上网(查询。

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从街头艺术家变“坐家” 肌肉萎缩患者盼上网卖艺

“因为这个疫情,我现在变成‘坐家’,坐在家里。” 患有肌肉萎缩症的吴伟廉过去都靠上街卖艺维持生计。2019冠状病毒疫情却捣乱了他的生活,让他无法继续以卖艺为生。如今,不断向上的他希望学习运用线上科技,把艺术带上网,开启一条新生路。 56岁的吴伟廉透露,他从小走路或跑步时很容易跌倒,一直觉得双脚有问题,直到17岁那年才被诊断患有肌肉萎缩症。 “我要服兵役前进行了身体检查,才被诊断患上肌肉萎缩症。那时我问医生我会怎么样,医生告诉我,你以后要坐轮椅。” 自力更生:街头吹口琴 用嘴巴作画 从小不爱读书的吴伟廉在小学毕业后便停学,到珠宝工厂学制作珠宝首饰,直到病情恶化才被迫离职。 吴伟廉的脚渐渐失去力气,从依靠拐杖到最终得以轮椅代步。尽管如此,他还是非常积极向上,想着应该如何自力更生。 对手工艺术有着浓厚兴趣的他,最终想到了可以学口琴卖艺。“我坐轮椅过后,一开始是靠在外面卖彩票为生。但是买彩票过后就不流行了,我的生意也不好,之后我就想到可以学口琴卖艺,和用嘴巴作画。” 吴伟廉的画作 吴伟廉透露,他在友人的帮助和指引下,找到了可以教他吹口琴的导师,并在2017年申请执照,在街头卖艺。由于吴伟廉双手无力,因此需要在头上架起支架,支撑口琴,让他不用手也能吹起口琴。 但是,吴伟廉的病情逐渐恶化,加上冠病疫情,让他无法继续在街头卖艺。“我喜欢在外面吹口琴,可以看到很多人,有些人很好,会叫我加油。我们的肌肉如果是100%,我只剩下3%。我的屁股已经完全没有肌肉了,坐久了会痛。现在出去卖艺对我来说,可能性很小。” 吴伟廉在桌边架起多个支架,方便他用嘴巴提笔作画。 尽管冠病疫情和病情影响了他的生计,吴伟廉仍积极向上,还开玩笑说,“因为这个疫情,我现在变成‘坐家’,坐在家里”。但是,他也因此有更多时间在家作画。只见他把家里的其中一个房间变成画室,桌边架起多个支架,摆放了多种颜料,方便他用嘴巴提笔作画。 目前98%的日常生活都得依靠女佣的吴伟廉无奈表示,由于他的肌肉萎缩日益严重,如果无法请到第二名女佣,他最终只好寄托疗养院。这是渴望自立的他最不想要的结果。 “如果我有能力请另一名女佣,我就可以走前一步。我现在一定要走前一步,不可以退后一步。退后一步就是去疗养院了。” 吴伟廉自认对科技一窍不通,但还是非常乐意学习。 积极向上:上网卖艺 增加收入来源 疫情期间,线上活动成了新趋势。吴伟廉也希望能上网卖艺,增加收入来源,提升生活素质。因此,他通过新加坡协助残障者自立局(SG Enable,简称新协立)的科技辅助基金(Assistive Technology Fund)和新传媒协立慈善基金(Mediacorp Enable Fund)申请援助,购买一台膝上电脑,方便他学习如何上网。 吴伟廉自认对科技一窍不通,但还是非常乐意学习。他透露,近日有朋友帮他设立Facebook账号,通过这个平台成功为他卖出两幅画,算是一个好的开始。 “我希望可以学习怎么上网,画画和吹口琴给人家看。我很多东西不懂,但是我一定要懂,不懂我不可以生存。” Source: 8world

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Not boxed in by disability

Not boxed in by disability He swims and plays bocce. He has tried archery and horseriding. He has even given powerlifting a go. But the sport he loves best is boxing. On his passion, 17-year-old Keith Tan says: “I have loved combat sports since young, so taking up boxing is natural for me. I find […]

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Gift from one, hope for many

Venerable Sek Ming Woon, one of two executrices of the late Venerable Suit’s estate, presenting a S$100,000 cheque to CEO of SG Enable, Ms Ku Geok Boon The late Venerable Suit Woo Foong was a simple man. Born in China in 1921, he became a monk when he was just 12 and lived in monasteries […]

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New support for SPED schools alumni networks

Alumni Neo Kah Whye on his way home in a hydraulic van after participating in the Hydro Weekly programme at CPAS.   New support for SPED schools for continued engagement with alumni Once a person with disability graduates from a Special Education (SPED) school, he / she may be transitioned into the workforce through programmes […]

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Mediacorp Enable Fund launches giving drive for people with disabilities and their caregivers

SINGAPORE: The Mediacorp Enable Fund is launching the Sustained CARE giving drive to support people with disabilities and their caregivers, who face a “disproportionately severe” impact from the COVID-19 pandemic. “Caregivers have been under added pressure to provide for their loved ones due to adjustments that have to be made in access to rehabilitation and care services,” […]

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