UBS Promise Award

Before you start applying, please ensure that you have the following documents readily available:

  • Clear copy of nominee’s NRIC (front and back)
  • Proof of nominee’s permanent disability (one of the following will suffice: copy of medical report / doctor’s memo / membership card of a disability organisation / PTC card)
  • Nominee’s education and skills certifications (maximum 5 supporting certifications)
  • Testimonials that acknowledge nominee’s character, contributions and achievements (maximum 5 supporting testimonials)

The documents are to be named in the following format before you attach them: Nominee Name_Type of Document e.g. Ann_NRIC.

Do prepare a short write-up to each of the following questions as well (maximum 300 words each):

  • Nominee’s personal journey in overcoming life’s challenges.
  • How nominee, through his/her service to others, is making a positive impact on the community. Community here includes school groups and activities if nominee is currently a student.
  • How nominee has shown an aptitude for his/her talent/ skills / abilities and how nominee has striven to hone them further
  • At least one example of how the nominee will be able to contribute to the sector should he/she be chosen as a Goh Chok Tong Enable Awards winner, as awardees will be recognised as a “Champion for Inclusion” for the disability sector.

Once you are ready to apply, please click here for the online Promise Nomination Form.